Carnet de Couleurs : the outstanding Marionnaud eyeshadow palette

The eyeshadow palette I\’m showing you today is part of my winter sales buys. It is a great buy and I\’m crazy about it. Like really really crazy about it.
When you buy an excellent palette on sale, it seems to me it\’s even more attractive than an excellent palette you buy full price. Obviously.
I had my first eyeshadow palette when I was something like 17 or 18 and it was a Marionnaud eyeshadow palette. I seem to recall it wasn\’t as pigmented as today\’s jewel but I had bought it for about €4 and I used it up. I loved its colors, its pigmentation and how easy it was to use and blend the eyeshadows. I didn\’t know much about makeup but it was excellent to start with, that I knew.
I now know a bit more about makeup but I never really went back to Marionnaud. I prefered to look up other underrated makeup brands such as Pierre René Professional, Golden Rose or Vivien Kondor. When I entered Marionnaud on the first day of the sales, I didn\’t imagine I would leave with this beauty.

This eyeshadow palette is not out of stock yet which is why I\’m writing this piece. If you live out of France, Monaco or Corsica, you have little chance of getting your hands on this unless you know of someone who can get it back to you. Actually, Marionnaud doesn\’t ship outside of these places but it just so happens that they have several stores abroad so you can look it up on the Internet. In my opinion, this palette is still in stock because few people know of its quality.

Marionnaud has two different Carnet de Couleurs palettes available and I have bought both so I expect to be writing about the other one soon. This one is a small, very flat palette and is to be closed with a rubber band, just like a notebook (\”carnet\” in French).

This palette is divided in six parts. Each of them is a square holding four matching shades within it : blue shades, grey shades, purple eyeshadows, pink, green and nude/brownish eyeshadows.
I guess you know me by now : I love metallic, shimmery very pigmented eyeshadows and I\’m even happier if they\’re powdery (I mean powdery-pigmented). I seldom wear BB Cream, foundation or even loose powder so I\’m not mad when I have to apply foundation after my eye makeup.
Let\’s get to the exciting part : swaaaaatches !
The metallic navy shade isn\’t as beautiful as in real life but it\’s won-der-ful. Both matte shades are a bit disappointing but as long as most of the eyeshadows are pigmented, it\’s okay if there are two or three bad eggs.

A whitey pink duochrome, a very pigmented white eyeshadow, a cool toned pink and a warmer toned pink. I love this combination of colors and I\’m definitely in love with the warm pink eyeshadow.

The two lighter grey eyeshadows are pigmented enough but the darker shades are awesome !

I especially love the dark forest green in this square of colors but the four of them are excellent. The yellowish green is an interesting weird color but I guess it could really brighten up brown eyes. It\’s so unusual though !

I LOVE the lilac color (second one from the left) ! The matte shades seem alright but they\’re actually really good, especially the dark purple color that\’s perfect in the crease.

This quatuor is one of my favorite : all of the eyeshadows are wonderful and you can even wear them during daytime even though they\’re shimmery. I love the beige and the chocolate brown eyeshadows.

Okay. Maybe you\’d like to know how much this marvel is ? It was €7.90 and I got it for €3.95, half price. It was the last one in the perfumery and I got another one off the Internet website just in case I ruined some of the colors by dint of using them.
If you are a Marionnaud card holder, you\’ll have another cut on the price and you\’ll pay just €3.56 for this palette.

For this price, the eyeshadows last about 4 to 5 hours on my greasy eyelids without any primer on before they go on strike. I love doing this kind of crash test with cosmetics !

I\’ve created two eyelooks using the eyeshadows from this palette, a nude one and a more vivid one. Tell me down in the comments the one you love the most !

Nude Look

Pink/Grey/Blue Look

Have you ever tried the makeup from Marionnaud ? Do you like this palette ? Tell me all about it below !

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