Max and More Smokey Eyes Sets : Cheap and good

When I first began blogging, I wrote an article about the Smokey Eyes Sets by Max and More. Don\’t look for the article I published in July 2015 : almost 800 views didn\’t make me feel any better about the fact that my first pictures and texts were average, if not mediocre. Today I\’ve come back with precise information, accurate colors and sharp pictures. It\’s my job as a blogger and I intend to do it well.

One day back in July last year, I bought a Smokey Eyes Set from a brand I knew little about : Max and More, also called Max Makeup. I desperately needed a mascara and there was none in the Action store (you have to be on time before the best makeup is bought by someone else !) but in those sets of three products.
The first one I bought had the mascara, black eyeliner pencil and the basic eyeshadow palette (white, greyish/brown, black). Though I\’ve been very disappointed in the quality of the eyeshadows of the mini palette, I was astonished by the quality of the mascara and the eye pencil. And so, I decided to get another set just to try out a new palette. Boy was I right.

Each set costs €1.59 but the palette is the only different product in each pack. You\’ll get the very similar mascara and eye pencil in each set which means if you want all 5 eyeshadow palettes, you will also end up with 5 mascaras and 5 pencils.

Max and More Eyeliner in 001 Black

The eyeliner pencil is pretty good for the price : the lead is soft and doesn\’t hurt the eyes when you apply the eyeliner. The stroke is black and precise and starts to wear off in the corner of the eye only after several hours (I have greasy eyelids) without a primer on.

The mascara

It is the reason why I bought the set in the first place and it\’s a great buy. The brush looks like a L\’Oréal mascara I have with collagen in it. It is quite big but the brush has a perfect size, not too big and not too small. It has tiny silicone spikes (or maybe it is plastic ? Hard to say when there\’s mascara on it, anyway they\’re not mammoth hair) and applying the mascara is quite easy with it. Although this kind of figure doesn\’t mean anything for quite anyone, there\’s 12mL of product in it and the mascara is cruelty-free, like any other Max and More product.

My eyelashes are fair and most are straight and short. With this mascara, they\’re really easily blackened and lenghtened so my look has more definition.

The Smokey Eyes Set eyeshadow palettes

The first set I ever bought was with the basic smokey eyeshadows palette : a white one, a greyish brown color and a subtly sparkly black.
You can see why I was disappointed about this one. It was really difficult to swatch the eyeshadows and it\’s quite as difficult to put makeup on with them. They\’re not well pigmented, be they dry or wet. If you want to try out Max and More cosmetics, just go with another palette or buy some of their mono eyeshadows for more pigmentation.

The second set I bought several weeks later had this green eyeshadow palette. I love putting green eyeshadows on my eyes because it really brings out the hazelnut color. In this one, there\’s a kind of duochrome green/white shade, an bright average green and a darker shade of khaki/forest green. The three of them are shimmery and the pigmentation is good whether they be dry or wet.

I\’m absolutely and totally in love with this blue palette. I especially love the last color, a deep teal shadow that looks amazing when used alone on my eyes. There\’s also a lighter turquoise shade and a duochrome white/blueish/silvery eyeshadow. All of them are well pigmented.

The brownish palette is one of the most pigmented among the five. You have a light golden shade that can be built up and reminds me of the Golden Lights highlighter by Makeup Revolution. I imagine you could use it as a highlighter as well. Then there\’s a caramel eyeshadow and a bronze, darker color that\’s as shimmery as the other two.

The last eyeshadow palette has shades of pink and purple : a duochrome pink/white eyeshadow, a weird and wonderful color between ancient pink and mauve and a darker pink/purple color. These are really wonderful and really interesting.

What do I think of these ? 

The eyeshadows of these palettes are not really powdery. I wish they were a bit bigger because they are quite difficult to swatch when you have long fingernails. Still, there\’s absolutely no problem with a brush.

After trying out the eyeshadows I found out that they stay on my eyelids for about 3 hours without a primer on until they start creasing. After those three hours, the color really faded out on one of my eyelids. I still think these are great products when you know that each product of the set cost you about 53 cents of euro !

MOTD – Makeup Of The Day

Here\’s the look I created with those products : I applied a white eyeshadow (from the blue palette) on my lid then I defined the crease with the deep teal eyeshadow and applied smoothly and with a light hand the lighter turquoise color on my eyelid. On the upper lashline I used the sparkly black eyeshadow as an eyeliner and the bronze one on the lower lashline as an eyeliner too. What do you think of this look ?

Wanna try them out or have you already ? Tell me all about it down in the comments !

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