Crayons Gloss Smoothy : 4 Pink Shades

Today I\’ve chosen to review some Miss Cop jumbo lipsticks, the very underrated Crayons Gloss Smoothy. I am lucky enough to be a writer on the blog of JBC Cosmétiques and I thought I would write an article about the pinks here and one about the red ones and oranges there. As of now, we\’re not translating our articles in English on the JBC Cosmétiques blog though that should be coming sometime soon. Still, you can see the pictures and make your choice more easily.

There are 12 shades available in the collection of jumbo lipsticks. I think I have told you already how it\’s taken me a long time before I really appreciated wearing lipstick. I was running high on lipglosses or lipbalm and it took me some training and trying out new colors to change my mind about lipstick. I now know that ancient pinks are the colors that suit me the best (my lips but better), that reds and vivid pinks suit my skintone really well (although I don\’t wear these colors outside, judging them too vivid and not discreet enough for a hijabi woman).

Not many bloggers have talked about these Crayons Gloss Smoothy, be it on the French side of the blogging world or in the English part of the web where they are even less known. Just a stroke of lipstick and your lips will be transparently colored. More lipstick can lead to an absolute opaque result. 
Anyway, applying those lipsticks is an exquisite experience : they go smoothly on the lips (hence the name) and they smell a sweet vanilla/candy smell that\’s not overwhelming at all so all of us can appreciate it when we use them. When you buy them, you will be surprised by how long the pencil lead is : you will have them for quite some time even if you use them every day !

From top to bottom, I have swatched the Crayons Gloss Smoothy in the shades Beige Nude, Nude, Fuchsia as well as Rose intense (vivid pink). I have gone over the lipstick several times to show you the colors you would have if you did the same thing and wanted a really colorful result.

The Beige Nude crayon is the only one that is has this glossy finish. My lips are quite dark pink, so it seems a bit light but it does a wonderful match for a nude or a smoky eyelook.

The Nude one is the first Miss Cop Crayon I have ever tried out. You have to go over the lipstick a few times to really get a vivid color. It is a typical my lips but better shade and I like it a lot. I have no trouble wearing it outside : it is discreet and doesn\’t draw the attention like a red shade would. 
It is a perfect match for a black smoky eye look, or even a plum or navy smoky ! Just like any other jumbo of this collection, it doesn\’t emphasize the fine lines on the lips. I would still advise you to exfoliate your lips and apply lip balm if your lips are chapped or dry.

The Fuchsia jumbo is a color I am in love with. I know it suits my skintone very well because of its cold, blue base. Like the others, it is very hydrating and waterproof : there is no actual need of a lipbalm underneath unless your lips are very dry. In this case, apply some so you can get this smooth, neat result you are looking for.

One of my favorites is the Rose intense (vivid pink) color. That\’s an amazing, girly hot pink that\’s perfect for the summer days ! Apply two or three coats on your lips and you\’ll get this wonderful opaque result : it really is perfect !
What about the hold ? About 3 to 4 hours for each of these Crayons Gloss Smoothy. That is an excellent hold for a €3.49 product ! In case you didn\’t know, I have all 12 shades. I love them and I wear them quite often : the hold is pretty good so you just have to reapply some after lunch or dinner and off you go again !
Wanna buy them ? Before you make your choice, just go right there to see my review on the crayons Rouge Coquelicot, Cerise noire, Orange and Corail and Julia\’s on the shades Cerise, Brique, Purple and Rose transparent : maybe you will fall in love with those other shades as well even though you don\’t speak or read any French !

Where can you find them ? Right here. The website is in French, but you can open up the chat and talk with the owner, Julia. She\’ll be pleased to talk with you and she\’s very helpful. They ship all over Europe at the moment.
Price per unit ? €3.49.

Have you tried these out already or want to do so ? Let me know below in the comments !

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