Zao Makeup bambu black eyeliner : mixed feelings*

About a week ago, I was accepted as a member of the Octoly family – this website that is actually but a platform between youtubers and brands. The members can choose between a selection of beauty products (for beauty channels) or other products should your channel be about something other than beauty.
One of the first products I have gotten was this Zao Makeup black eyeliner in a bambu shell and I really wanted to write a review so you guys could see the result on my hand and on my eyes.

Zao Makeup is a young cosmetics brand that offers natural only products. For instane, the eyeliner I\’m about to talk about is formulated with 100% of natural ingredients and about 33% of biological ingredients.
The organization EcoCert (which certifies a great many products in day-to-day life as biological products) is one of several that certifies Zao Makeup cosmetics.
All in all, it is a brand which products play around feminity, beautiful bambu packagings and respect towards animals (it is a cruelty-free brand), humans and environment.
I really appreciate the fact that the eyeliner comes in a little cotton pouch ; it is an elegant touch to protect the wood. The eyeliner itself is encased in varnished bambu : it is really chic and classy and I find it a beautiful object to have in one\’s collection.
Octoly sent me the black eyeliner (#60) which is the most basic color and the most classy eyeliner color. Once you open it you will find a very precise, fine brush : beware when you use it, for mistakes easily happen !
When I use it, I am always under the impression that this is a felt-tip liner though it\’s not. Still, drawing with this eyeliner is a lovely feeling.
The stroke is ultra-black and matte when the liner has dried on the back of my hand. Still, once it is dry on my eyelids, it remains glossy. Weird, isn\’t it ?

I love how the application is easy, how black the line is in just one stroke but… it doesn\’t hold very long. I am used to going out around 7.30 am and going back home at the end of the afternoon and my guess is that many of you follow the same pattern of life (that is, if you go to school or work…!).

What more natural wish than being able to wear makeup that holds well ? The Zao Makeup eyeliner has lasted about 4 hours on my eyes before \”breaking\”.
If you have sensitive eyes or wear contacts, you will probably be charmed by this product and fall in love with it. I am one to prefer waterproof and long-lasting makeup so I guess I will be using this one when I know I\’m going out for a short time. Still, €14.95 is still a high price to me compared to the hold.
For those who are absolute fans, just touch it up during the day, and do not, DO NOT dare cry !

Even though I\’m not totally convinced by the quality of this eyeliner, I will definitely give a second chance to Zao Makeup. I am already thinking of trying out their lipsticks, some of which look absolutely stunning !

Have you ever tried Zao Makeup cosmetics ? What do you think of their products ?
*This product was provided by the brand to be reviewed. I did not pay for it.

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