Pierre René\'s Fabulous Match-System Eyeshadow Palette : Victoria\'s Angel*

This is the second episode of my discovery of polish brand Pierre René Cosmetics and I must say I am really happy with the palette I\’m bringing you girls today !
If you have missed the first chapter about their amazing semi-matte lipsticks, be sure to grab it right here.

Pierre René\’s eyeshadows are one of the products they\’re most famous for. Even though it\’s not yet a brand known all over the world, in my opinion it shall become one of the greatest very soon. The prices are astonishing for such quality products. For instance, their lipsticks range between 4 and 5€ and keep the promises that are made. If you\’re fond of eyeshadows, you have the choice between several collections (matte, pearly, metallic) and several prices according to what you want – a refill (retailing for less than 2€ each), a mono eyeshadow (Chic eyeshadows are a bit more than 2€ and the basic ones retail for about 70 cents of euro at the moment, given they\’re on sale) and so on.

I was gifted with a fabulous Match System eyeshadow palette going by the name Victoria\’s Angel that you can find here for 20€. There are also similar palettes that you can fill with the eyeshadows of your choice. I honestly wouldn\’t know where to begin for there are 112 eyeshadows to choose from and you have to fill a 10-pan eyeshadow palette. They have also very recently launched a 4-pan eyeshadow palette, more compact and easier to take for traveling and I believe there\’s a project for 6-pans compact eyeshadow palettes as well.

It is quite easy to place each eyeshadow in the palette and take it out. The back of the palette is actually but a thin magnetic plate and it is flexible so you can easily push each refill out and rearrange the palette if you want to.
The magnet is strong enough to keep the eyeshadows in place : they will not fall. The palette comes with a basic applicator that is really useful for the most pigmented eyeshadows. For the matte colors, I suggest you use your usual brushes.


Unfortunately I never found the number to this very awesome eyeshadow… Let us admire it all the same !
As you can see, all of the eyeshadows are really pigmented, even the matte ones. I was often disappointed by matte colors from other brands but I am starting to like them a lot and use them in the outer crease all the time. The white eyeshadow and the darkest shimmery navy blue are my favorite and I used them for the eyelook I\’m showing you right below.
For this look I blended the white eyeshadow all over the lid right up the eyebrow. Then I used Number 13, the darkest matte navy color to define the outer crease and blended it well with the white eyeshadow. Once this was done I placed lightly some of the silver color No 65 on my eyelid, and lined my upper and lower lashline with the marvelous shimmery navy No 41.
I used the Silicone Volume Mascara by Pierre René as well, which, in two days, has come to be one of my favorite mascaras.

I love everything about this palette. I\’ve worn these eyeshadows without a primer on and they lasted about 5 hours before creasing on my oily eyelids. What\’s that for a success ?! The eyeshadows blended really well and the work was easy to do.
I am really happy I was gifted this to try out because I got to see for myself the pigmentation I only got to see through my computer screen.
I am waiting at the moment for an order of single eyeshadows I\’ve made in the past week and I expect to talk about them as well very soon !
What are your thoughts about this palette ? Are you tempted ?
*These products were provided by the brand to be reviewed. I did not pay for them.

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