Semi Matte Glamour with Pierre René\'s Slim Lipsticks*

The day before yesterday, I received cosmetics in partnership with the brand Pierre René Professional. A polish brand that holds a huge collection of products, made in Poland, with astonishing prices and quality. If you want to buy their products, you can buy them directly from their website where they appear to be cheaper than anywhere else on the Internet, I\’ve checked. The website is in Polish and can be translated in English.
I have posted on Instagram the whole of my parcel and any time I try out something new, I will write here what I think about the products.

Lately, I\’ve been a sucker for matte and semi-matte lipsticks. I\’ve been seeking everywhere the cheapest lipsticks with an excellent quality, an excellent hold, an excellent pigmentation. I was really happy when I found 5 semi-matte lipsticks in my parcel ! Today\’s the day where I show you the three most glamourous, most colorful lipsticks I have gotten in this line to show you how pigmented they are.

No 28 | Atomic Red

The first lipstick, Atomic Red, is a red femme fatale lipstick that is perfect in the spring and in the summer. It is colorful enough during the day and elegant enough to be a go-to lipstick for a soirée. The It lipstick, in a nutshell. It does match this nude eyelook without being too much.

Just like the other two Slim Lipsticks I am showing you today, it has this \”tattoo\” effect I really like. You had better get an efficient makeup remover to get all the lipstick off your lips before going to bed otherwise your pillow might end up ready for a soirée as well, if you know what I mean.

Trying to remove the lipstick on my hand with a baby wipe… Pierre René : 1, Tissam : 0.5.

No 22 | Peony 

The Peony lipstick is aimed at the girls who aren\’t afraid to wear a very visible lipstick. As for me, I am not going to wear this color outside because it is way too unusual for me. Also, be careful to have beautiful white teeth to wear this kind of color ! Being complementary colors, purple lipsticks bring out the yellow in the color of the teeth so wearing this beautiful bold color requires clean teeth.

No 25 | Famous

The last lipstick, Famous is a cool-toned vivid pink. I am under the impression that is the one that matches my skin tone the best. The application is really easy and it is absolutely opaque when you\’re done applying it, just like the first two colors. It is not sheer at all and I appreciate how Pierre René has worked on the formula of these lipsticks and how they master opacity in the color.

Although I am not going to wear any of these colors outside of my house, I\’m under the charm of these lipsticks, their pigmentation and opacity. I prefer nude pinks, rosewood, antique pink colors but I love the semi-matte texture. I don\’t like the \”disco\” effect on the lips and I am one to prefer how elegant matte and semi-matte lipsticks are. Careful though, for these are not lip stains ! I would advise (as I would for any other lipstick) to not drink or eat too much when wearing a lipstick, just so it doesn\’t wear out.

The application is a dream : I am used to wearing a lip balm underneath my lipsticks. Just for the heck of it, I applied the three lipsticks right over my lips and it almost felt like I was applying a lip balm. No drying effect, a strong hydration feeling, those lipsticks are absolutely and lastingly comfortable. And ! They do not mark any imperfections on the lips.

All in all, I am in love with the texture and the hold. You can try to make those lipsticks last longer by applying a layer of lip pencil underneath the rouge. Even though they already hold a good 3 to 4 hours. Want an all matte lip ? Add some translucent powder on your lips and you\’ll get it!
I\’m under the charm of these lipsticks and I am totally getting 5 or 6 more colors that have called my attention. Why should I not, when they are only 4€59 on the official website…

*These products were provided by the brand to be reviewed. I did not pay for them.

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