"Black Arts" Pro Artist Pad | Freedom Makeup eyeshadow beauty*

Some articles ago, I told you that British brand Freedom Makeup had sent me three makeup products to try out and tell my readers and viewers whether it was a hit or miss and in extenso if if was useful for them to buy them (this is actually or blogger\’s job, isn\’t it, to inform on the quality of a product).
Here, you can find the article I\’ve written about their Bare Collection of 5 lipsticks that got me in love pretty quickly, I have to admit. 
Today, let\’s bare the soul of the Pro Artist Pad : Black Arts palette of which I have shown so little in my review video (just go right there to see the review).

This palette costs £15 on the website so about €21. If you want to know how much it will cost in your currency, there\’s a tab on the top left to switch the currency. When you divide the price by the number of eyeshadows (21 : 48), you will find that each eyeshadow costs a little less than 44 cents of euro and when we get to know the palette, you will find that the quality-price ratio is actually excellent.
Delivery to France is possible as well as in the entire world and the Delivery rates are available on this very page. A standard delivery to France costs £4.95 so less than 7€. I got my parcel via standard delivery in a little less than a week and everything was tightly wrapped in large bubble wrap.

The palette

The first time I took the palette out from its box, I was pleasantly surprised because it looks a lot like a flipcover tablet. It looks very \”Makeup Artist\” and what a coincidence, given that the brand was initially designed to help MA get themselves a nice set of professional quality makeup at a low price. There is also a mirror that takes half of the inside of the cover and you can totally turn the cover to the back of the pad in order to see nothing but the eyeshadows and work more efficiently.

As I said earlier, the Black Arts palette is composed of 48 eyeshadows : some mattes, satins, sparkly mattes, shimmery eyeshadows as well as some metallic ones. This is eyeshadow heaven ! In a nutshell, before I start showing you the swatches over which I\’m hoping you\’re going to be drooling as much as I am, let me start off by saying that the biggest part of the eyeshadows are nudes or classic colors. The lightest matte colors are pigmented enough to unify the texture of the eyelid (the colors are not that visible on my light skin !), dark matte colors are really pigmented. There are two or three sparkly mattes (in the last column : the first one, the last one and the one just above) which are good but I am not a huge fan of this finish. The metallic, shimmery eyeshadows and the matte black are excellent.

Now that you have all admired the beautiful traces of my fingers in these eyeshadows, let us all drool over the swatches I have done following the 8 columns !

Oh how impossible it was for me to say nothing about this column ! An ancient pink, a dark gray, a red color – ancient colors, gem-like colors. AND shimmery. My favorite colors of the entire palette.

Please give it up for the matte black in the middle ! Just running my finger once across the eyeshadow got the swatch this pigmented.  

These eyeshadows hold pretty well too ! For several days I used this palette with greasy eyelids, clean eyelids, with a fixing spray, without any product on, with a primer… Here\’s what I found out :

  • With greasy eyelids and no product whatsoever before applying the eyeshadows : about 3 hours
  • With greasy eyelids and the Anti-Shine fixing spray from Freedom Makeup as well : about 4 to 5 hours
  • With clean eyelids and no product before applyting the eyeshadows : about 4 to 5 hours
  • With clean eyelids and a primer : about 9 to 10 hours

Applying these eyeshadows is exquisite : they are velvety, butter like. 2 or 3 eyeshadows may prove powdery but the biggest part is not so the application, either with a brush or with the fingers is a comfortable experience.
The Black Arts palette is an excellent product in the low-cost makeup world and the quality of this palette is as great as Makeup Revolution\’s, if not better. I am really happy I got to discover and try out a new brand whose cosmetics are so good. If you\’re a crazy pigmented eyeshadows lover, this one if for you !

Where can I buy it ? Right there !

*This product was provided by the brand to be reviewed. I did not pay for it.

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