Cien Perfect Nude Nail polish : Timeless Elegance

Lately, as I was strolling down the Viennoiseries alley in Lidl to pick up some amazing croissants and hazelnut donuts, I picked up the biggest part of their Cien makeup (of course, I went several times. Just to have the time to eat the donuts and come back for more. For more donuts and makeup, I mean).
Rest assured, for each and every makeup product in the Cien brand costs 1€99.
Of course, I have taken the time to try out a lot of the makeup that I have bought. Today I\’ve chosen to talk about just one nail polish : Perfect Nude. It is part of a larger collection that contains just over 10 basic nail polishes : nude, burgundy, red, pinks as well as a base + topcoat nail polish.
Just like every one of you, I have some habits and preferences when it comes to makeup : I prefer using this texture rather than this one and get this finish and not this one. Lately I\’ve been breaking all my rules : whereas I didn\’t use to enjoy matte eyeshadows, I\’m getting to know them (better). I love pressed and baked eyeshadows and I\’m getting crazy about loose eyeshadows (mostly indie brands). I\’m not one to care for creamy lacquers (though they are much more chic and elegant than shimmery and metallic ones) as they need so much attention, but I\’m gaining more and more interest in them. Even though the smallest trace on the nail polish will definitely betray you.

This Perfect Nude polish is a brownish beige that looks lighter when exposed to sunlight and more brown when there is less light. Let us take a moment here to appreciate just how amazing Cien nail polishes brushes are. Some brands like China Glaze (whose colors I love but that are a budget) seem to forget that it is hard to apply nail polish on the entire nail quickly with a tiny brush. On the other side, Cien brushes are really large and have a round tip. The application is an amazing experience. An easy-to-apply nail polish, almost opaque with just one layer and a brush that\’s easy to use. And, oh ! 11 mL of nail polish. Great !
The Cien nail polishes won\’t hold on for more than 2 days in general (of course, if you don\’t use your hands, the polish won\’t chip off. But for the middle-class woman who actually has to wash the dishes, don\’t expect a three-year hold). Expect for… the Base + Topcoat nail polish that seems to be formulated with glue. Both combined will get your nails looking awesome for 5 to 6 days on average. I loved this topcoat so much that I bought two other bottles and filled them up with glitter. The finish is wonderful. Okay, let\’s get back to our Perfect Nude here.
I am eager to write an article about all of the Cien polishes in just one time, but this is an article that would take a long time to write. Mostly to put all the pics together takes a long time because this is nail polish we\’re talking about. You know how one nail polish from a brand can be wonderful and hold on for ages whereas another one won\’t hold for more than two days ? Well, I want to ensure that all of the nail polishes are as good as this one is. So I promise I\’ll write other articles about Cien asap ! Maybe if I get another pair of hands as a Christmas present things will get faster, won\’t they ? 😉
I love Cien cosmetics though for a long time, I hesitated in buying makeup Made in Lidl. From fear of being disappointed, maybe. Or maybe because I was afraid I was going to love it and I would have to buy more and more… (which eventually happened anyway).
And then I received a parcel from a friend who sent me amongst other things a Cien Lip Butter and a lip gloss that I ABSOLUTELY loved! That\’s what made me take the first step and for that I am grateful. A low price and a really good quality. Not for everything, I have to admit, but for the biggest part of their makeup. Especially those amazing lipstick colors that I\’m hoping to talk about very quickly…
Have you ever bought Cien makeup ? What did you think of it ?
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