Freedom Makeup | Pro Lipstick Kit "Bare Collection"*

Some time ago, the cosmetics brand Freedom Makeup sent me some products to try out and review. I have received in quite a short time (1 week from the UK to France) the Black Arts eyeshadow palette, an anti-shine fixing spray and a 5 lipstick kit called the \”Bare Collection\”.
Freedom Makeup is a makeup brand created a short time ago (it\’s definitely not older than 2 years) by the same people that brought to you Makeup Revolution and I Heart Makeup. This brand was initially designed for makeup artists and so it promises professional quality makeup at the same budget price as Makeup Revolution. Do not be surprised when you see that the packagings of the two brands look alike then. I played for some time with the fixing spray, the huge eyeshadow palette and the lipsticks and the first article that I have decided to write is about these 5 nude lipsticks.
It is true that I seldom write articles about lip products. I rarely find the exact shades that I want (ancient golden pink, pinkish nudes, woody pink in \”My lips but better\”) and as a veiled young woman I don\’t like to wear vivid colors on my lips. Aside from the difficulty to find the perfect shade, there is the difficulty to find a long lasting lipstick. I always apply a lipbalm underneath the lipstick and the latter is absorbed by my lips. Then there is the everlasting problem of the lipsticks stressing upon the \”wrinkles\” on the lips. And then, the last problem is personally mine : I am used to removing the dry patches of skin off my lips and then it gets hard to wear lipstick on bruised lips, let alone take a pic of it.

When Freedom Makeup asked me to choose some products, I figured it was a good time to try out some nude lipsticks. I do not know why I keep buying vivid pink or purple shades when I know I will not wear them. And oh ! What a good surprise ! In my 5-lipstick pack, I found a pinkish color, a perfect \”my lips but better\” lipstick.

Whatever the angle, it was pretty hard to catch the difference between the 4 actual nude lipsticks. Worry not, my friend, for the swatches will help you out !

Left to right :
111 Untouched : a nude beige with a light shade of coral
112 Sooner or later : a nude beige, this time with a light shade of pink that is buildable
113 Whispers : a kind of ancient pink, perfect for every time of the year 
114 Naked Beauty : a light beige/brownish color
115 Mannequin : a kind of caramel/brownish beige with a rusty shade to it

111 Untouched et 112 Sooner or later
Both are similar with just one coat but with several you will catch the difference and see that Untouched is more of a light coral color and Sooner or later more of a pinkish nude color.
113 Whispers is one of my favorites, and applied with several coats (as above) it can be vivid and almost opaque.
114 Naked Beauty is a beige/light brown color.

115 Mannequin is more of a caramel/rusty color which is very interesting.

Once applied on the lips (or on the swatches), the finish is between semi-matte and satin. The color can be sheer if you want to apply just one coat but it is buildable and you can get a more vivid color mostly from 112 Sooner or later and from 113 Whispers that are more pinkish colors.

They last about 2 or 3 hours on my lips before they neatly and evenly fade away. Maybe that\’s the fact that I wear lipbalm underneath because all of my lipsticks do that. Anyhow, you do not need to apply lipbalm beforehand because they are moisturizing enough. They are unscented so that may please a lot of women who do not enjoy the scent of makeup. I do miss the oh so recognizable scent of lipstick but let us remember that is a brand designed for makeup artists on a budget so the makeup has to be usable by anyone.

All in all, these are pretty great lipsticks and that\’s great value for the price ! Makes me wonder which one I will choose next… Maybe the pink set ! And which are you going to get ?
*These products were provided by the brand to be reviewed. I did not pay for them.

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